Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Wild Side of Gardening!

A little beetle "dancing"

Gardening on the Wild Side!
Enjoying the beauty of God's world.

This lovely Lilly is in my neighbors garden, but it is very close to our Veggie garden, so we are able to enjoy it too!

This praying Mantis visited our Garden 2 years ago. We were very surprised to find such a large one!

These beautiful pink rhododendrons grow in the front of our house

This is a favorite! My brother, Collin caught the little guy in our yard. Then he found the bigger one in a little pond!

This is one of our first red tomatoes from our Cherry Tomato plant!
Our garden is doing really good!

This is a Cicada, we find their shells all over our yard. In the top picture (on the left) is the skin that this Cicada shed. Isn't it amazing how wonderful God made these little guys?

This a bloom from the Wisteria vine.
Wisteria is a favorite of mine! They have a beautiful scent and the flowers resemble a bunch of grapes.

Collin is holding a monarch butterfly!
(he caught this himself too!)

This is my little sister's tulip. It grew very large and had a gorgeous purple bloom!

This photo is one of my pride and joys!
I have a normal Digital camera, and so this little guy had to let me get close! He kept flitting around and finally relaxed and let me take his picture! He is only 3-4" long!

Some Cute little Buttercups!

3 little Robin chicks snuggled down for a nap!
We got to see them learn to fly this spring too!

Well, here is our last picture!
Collin has a frog that he caught in our garden!

I hope that you all can enjoy the beauty of God's creation this week and every week!

God Bless

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