Tuesday, July 8, 2008


As I went shopping for clothes with my mother last night I gradually became more and more discouraged and depressed. The dressier tops were always extremely low or too tight. When I finally found a cute one with a high neckline I realized (much to my dismay) that it was see through. When we finally found some modest tops they were about $30-$50.
Girls T-shirts are the only cheaper modest attire, and that's about it. However, I can not wear T-shirts to Church!

So, we looked at the skirts. Ugh! Gaudy, bright, some down right ugly! Too short, too tight, and the slit is that high!?

It comes down to this.
We find a decent and pretty garment, try it on, fall absolutely in love with it. THEN check the price tag, groan and put it back and RUN out of the store!

The question isn't "why are the prices going up?" The question is, "what has happened to the girls?"
Yes, What has happened? Why has the modest feminine look been rejected? Why are we girls being told to dress like paupers instead of princesses? And WHY is it "the more skin you show, the better?"

Unfortunately, women and girls have been dressing immodestly since the beginning. Even the oldest known cultures had a terrible dress code!

The Bible is very clear that women and young girls should not wear men's apparel. God calls it an abomination. I am grieved to see so many young ladies who claim Jesus as their savior, that still dress in clothing that looks like mens'. By the word "claim" I do not mean that a young lady or woman is ungodly and unsaved if she wears masculine attire, I am referring to pleasing God in the most lovely way.
The Bible also warns us young ladies not to dress in an immodest or "loud" manner.

Aside from men's clothing are the low cut shirts that are so fashionable today.
Some times I am tempted to just give up and wear "whatever" because it is so hard to find modest clothes that are pretty. My wonderful Mother always encourages me to not compromise.

I feel sorry for the godly young men out there who are seeking for a godly wife, and trying to keep mind and body pure for her, and are attacked daily by women who dress so immodestly, and by advertisements for such clothing.

My dear mother told me that I should daily pray for my future spouse, that God would protect him against silly women who dress so foolishly.

(Sometimes I wish I was born years ago when being "Feminine" wasn't looked down upon!)

So, what's a girl to do?

PRAY, pray, pray! And look for other options, like sewing your own clothing, or looking on the internet for websites that sell modest clothing.

Many of the tops I own have been pinned closed, or I wear a shirt underneath.
Yes, we do need to be creative girls!

HannahLise sells some very nice skirts and dresses that my mother and I have purchased. They are pricy, but in our quest to be maidens of virtue, sometimes we must sacrifice.

A few Christian ladies I know recommended Christopher&Banks
They do have more modest tops, with not-so-modest prices.

I encourage any who have questions to read Kathy Corle's little booklet, "What in the World should I wear?" And pray about it.

Never lose heart dear girls and young ladies, God will always provide us a way! Let's be "princesses" in our behavior, speech and attire! ~Rebecca

If you know of any other places that sell modest apparel, please let us know!


Rachelle(aka mamabear) said...


You are right, there is not a lot out there for us ladies to wear!! You did a nice job with your post. Love your photos. Have a nice night.
Love -

Martha said...

It is truly frustrating to go shopping and not be able to find anything because of modesty issues. My employer has a very strict dress code, and sometimes I feel like the cost isn't the issue at some point--I've got to have something to where.

This past weekend, I was able to go to one store in hopes of finding clothes for work and church. I found an outfit with a skirt that came below the knee and a short-sleeve jacket-type top. Problem: I needed a black tank or shell to wear under that jacket. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, so I spotted a black tank top, which scooped too low in the front, of course, but I saw that the back came up plenty high. I decided to buy it, cut out the tag, and where it backwards. Works like a charm!

Jennifer B said...

In my search I have found these stores to have some modest options:

DownEastBasics I like their tanks and Ts. They are tight but they are meant to fit under the average low cut shirts. (They also don't have that annoying built in bra. Ug!)
Layer's Clothing
Molly's Clothing
Shade Clothing
Shabby Apple
Vintage Hem

Some of these sites can be pricey but their sales can be quite good. I have ordered from Down East Basics a few times and have been very pleased with my items. Unfortunately, their prices have gone up since then. Also Land's End has some modest clothes, plus they sell some things in Sears. Though their sale catalog is much better then Sears prices. (Well I haven't checked it out in a while.)

Also try the Modest Clothing Directory


Kathy and Rebecca said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for the information. We will have to check out these websites! Thanks for stopping by we hope to see you again!
God Bless, Kathy & Rebecca