Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our Menu this week for a Family of 10!

Hello to all!

I thought I would post our menu from the groceries shopping trip for this week.

So here it goes:
Our weeks menu started today.

Breakfast- Whole wheat (homemade) toast with jelly, and cereal
Lunch- Grill cheese, and pop corn (My husband and I had some fresh corn on the cob instead)

Supper- Whole roasted Chicken in crock pot , Alfredo pasta 2 pkgs, homemade butterhorn rolls, sweet corn on the cob and of course the Ice pops Daddy bought for desert.

My Husband made these this morning don't they look yummy!
Breakfast- French toast (with white bread, I was brought up this way and I just like the white bread better for french toast)
Lunch-Cheese Raviolis ,meat sauce and some more of those yummy butterhorn rolls. Corn sounds good too!
Supper-On Sunday night we eat something easy so we can go to church so Children will
probably have that special treat cereal Coco Pops something we rarely buy. The rest of us sandwiches.

Breakfast- Cereal and toast
Lunch- Sandwiches and fruit
Supper- Chicken breast BBQ, fries, quick yeast bread, veg from garden (summer squash)

Breakfast- Bagels with cream cheese
Lunch- Chicken nuggets and buttered bread, canned fruit
Supper- Finger sandwiches (ham, bologna, cheese) Homemade banana bread from banana's
in freezer and chips

Breakfast- Instant oatmeal 2 boxes ( we usually use about 1 & a half boxes)
Lunch- Mac and cheese
Supper- Pasta, bread

Breakfast- Chocolate Chip Muffins homemade
Lunch- sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly, or bologna and cheese)
Supper- Hamburgs and Hotdogs, Chips

Breakfast-Coffee cake (called overnight coffee cake)
Lunch- left overs
Supper- Pepperoni Bread and Cheesy bread ( My children love this for a meal it is a real treat)

For Snacks we have some extra cream cheese to go with toast (whole wheat homemade)
Pretzels (My oldest son loves these)
Free popcorn from Kettle corn!
crackers and cheese spread

We usually have bananas and some apples too but this week I did not see any apples at Aldis and the children are getting tired of bananas so I thought I would give them a rest.

My oldest daughter likes to eat lowfat cottage cheese for her snack so that is for her.

By the end of the week I will hear those pleas of "When are you going grocery shopping Mom?
We have nothing to eat!"

There are times that I try to stretch a few more days before I shop again. We will see!

God Bless, Have a wonderful day with the Lord! Kathy
Photo by Norman Rockwell

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