Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Game that Never wants to End!

All Children love stories! And all Children love games! Is there a way to combine these 2 loves?

Yes there is!

About 2 years ago I created a game called "Story Line", this simple game engages all players and their 'bored' minds. There are no playing pieces to lose, can include a limitless number of players, EVERYONE wins (a plus for toddlers!), and laughter is guaranteed! Any one who can talk can play!

So, before I describe the easy-to-follow-rules, let me describe the birth of "Story Line"

All 7 of us kids were in the car (#8 was on the way). It was warm, but not uncomfortable. We were stopped at a store waiting for Dad to get some things while Mom sat in the car with us. 7 BORED kids, sitting and doing nothing. Children aren't fond of sitting, and neither are teens. My mind began to go to work, and I turned to my 6 yr old brother .
"There once was a pink caterpillar named Fuzzy, and one day he. . ." I stopped,"What did he do?"
"He sat on a log!" my brother said, "and then he met a knight in green armor! Then the knight said. . ."
" Let's go to the moon!" my Mom said. Laughter rang out.

The others began to get involved and before long, "Fuzzy" had quite a few adventures.

This game worked great with teens too. My best friends and I have done games where a missionary has problems with bugs, wild rabbits that ate steps only and on and on!

The rules are simple. One person starts the story and everyone else takes a turn. The signal for the next turn is to leave the story line hanging (when he woke up..../then she said..../the girl saw a...) And completely ridiculous things that happen in the story make it even funnier!

So, enjoy!

Do you know a simple fun game? Let us know!

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