Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our Trip to Peabody Museum

It was vacation time for us last week and this
was Our Frugal trip that we made.

Our Trip to Peabody Museum
(for FREE!)

Peabody Museum
Free passes into Peabody are currently on Thursdays only,
between 2-5pm. We couldn't pass it up!

Well, our trip started with rain! As soon as we were all set to go the heavens
opened up and it began to pour! My brother, Collin managed to get soaked
even though he had two big umbrellas!
What a gentleman!

About 10 minutes on the road I noticed this!
It was raining so hard that it began
to come into the van!!

My little brother, Caleb, fell fast asleep! The trip took at least 45 minutes,
and since it was close to nap time. . . Caleb took a cat nap!

Our first glimpse of Peabody was this big statue of a Torosaurus.
( We thought it was a Triceratop, but Triceratops's horns curve up)

The entrance to Peabody Museum!

We looked up and this guy was there to greet us when we first walked in!
My younger siblings really liked it!

I love history and museums, but I had not been to Peabody in about 8 yrs!
I was happy to share my excitement at seeing
the huge fossils with all my younger siblings!
And of course seeing their reactions!

The Stegosaurus in the Great Hall.
We had seen "Night at the Museum" a few months ago,
The film enhanced my siblings interest and delight in seeing the museum.
It was sad to see so much evolution everywhere in the museum.
So my parents and I kept telling the younger children,
"Look at all the creatures God made!"

Everybody's favorite!
My sister was disappointed that the museum
only had the head of a T-Rex. He's still very impressive though!

This exhibit was exciting! My brother and I are in this picture,
We thought that this deer must have had big "headaches!"

My brothers in the Native American exhibit

My younger siblings were not to sure about this
Goliath beetle statue.
(if you look closely you can see another brother of mine,
he's being reflected by the glass!)

My sister, Stephanie, looking at a exhibit on bugs and insects!

A sarcophagus on display in the Egypt exhibit.

A Mummy!!
I always liked Egyptian history, and my siblings
were really excited to see a real Mummy!

My brother, Jeremiah, imitating a seagull in the hall of Birds.

A picture of me with my favorite kinds of birds,
Hawks, eagles, falcons and ospreys!

My Mom and brother, Matt, looking at wood ducks!

Stephanie with an Ibis.

There are a lot more great pictures in the Peabody SmileBox,
Which will be posted very soon!

Isn't this a great way to have fun, and save money?!

God Bless

Check out your local Museums maybe they offer a day and time for free visits !


Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Free trip to a museum!! You can't beat that......especially for a family of 10 :)

Audra Krell said...

This mother daughter blog is such a blessing! What a fun idea. Love the trip to the museum pictures, so much to see. Very nice post.