Saturday, July 5, 2008

CVS Savings!

Well I really needed Diapers this week and the CVS diapers where the only thing that had a deal. This week they had B1G1 50% off. So I had to think what deals could I do with only $6.99 ECBs in my pocket. I was going to buy the mascara that was advertised but sadly they did not have any more. I decided to do the following two deals to get the smallest OOP possible.

Transaction #1
2- Coppertone sunscreen- $7.99 each
I had 2/1.00 Mfg coupons that I had picked up at CVS a week ago on a pin board they had set up by the cosmetics.
1- 3.00 off CVS coupon for any skin care product
2- Sure deoderant- $2.69 each
1- B1G1 Free Mfg coupon
2- 1.50 off Walgreen coupons (Our CVS takes these!)
$6.99 Ecbs (which I had from last week)
I paid $3.90 oop and received 13.00 ECBS

Transaction #2
2 CVS diapers B1G1 50% off
No coupons
I used the $13.00 ecbs from Transaction #1
I paid $1.23 oop.
Now sadly I have no ECBS I need to build these back up!
I paid total $5.13 oop

The Lord is so good. I used to go to Walmart to buy their store brand. I would definitely have spent more at Walmart for all of these items. I need to learn how to earn more ecbs. I really miss the CVS coupons. I do not seem to get too many of these any more.
I would appreciate any wisdom about building up my ecbs again! Thanks God Bless, Kathy

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