Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shopping for 10!

After reading the post from Moneysavingmoms yesterday about the MSN article which talked about groceries and shopping on $117.00 a week for a family of 4 .

I decided to post about what a family of 10 could buy for groceries for a week. I read the post from the women who stated that she had two small children and spent over $200.00 a week! I can believe this in a normal grocery store not using any coupons and just buying what ever they wanted.

I followed Crystals advise and began with a menu. I than went to Coupon Mom I love this website!

I checked out the deals at Shoprite one of the stores in our area. Sadly we do not have any Krogers here up north!

I than went and checked out my coupons for the items that she had listed as the best deals. I usually will only look at the items that are at least 50% off or more. Usually I like the 60% or more!

I printed out the deals she mentioned and than I made an Aldis list of items I usually buy there.

We have two Aldis nearby but they are both about 15-20 mins away. I choose the one that has the Shoprite just in the next plaza to Aldis. Have to save gas too right!

Here is my purchases from Shoprite:

4 Boxes of General Mills Cereal on sale for $1.88 each- had a 1.00 coupon on two so they came out the 1.38 a box.

6 Lipton WG Alfredo pasta on sale for .94 each coupon makes them .61 cents each

12 Hunts Ketchup 24 oz on sale for .88 cents each coupons makes them .38 cents each

8 Betty Crocker brownie mix on sale for 1.25 each coupon makes them .75 cents each

2 Scrubbing Bubble Bathroom Cleaner on sale for 1.00 coupon makes them .99 cents each

2 Huggies Toilet wipes on sale for 2.49 each coupon makes them .99 cents each

6 Ziploc Bags on sale for 1.39 each coupon makes them .64 cents each

1 Pert Shampoo 3.29 after coupon .29 cents

1 pkg of Chicken breast on the bone on sale for .99 cents a pound (this was forgotten in the photo)

my bill before coupons came to 61.17 After coupons 33.47!
These pictures are from the whole shopping trip at both stores

Next trip to Aldis

Now Aldis does not take coupons but their prices are so much better than any grocery store around here. I am so thankful to the Lord for this store.

I purchased many items for our weekly shopping as you can see in the photo because I purchased some of the things at Shop rite that I usually buy at Aldis I was able to save money there.

My total at Aldis was 106.44

Total altogether 139.91

I must say that on the way home we found a vegetable stand that was selling fresh corn! We could not resist after all we are on vacation right! We bought two dozen which was 5.00 a dozen.. Up here that is a really good deal for fresh corn. Yum!

Now I usually do not like to spend even this much per week but last week I only spent around 80.00.

I did buy a few things like ice pops as a treat because my husband was with me and he wanted to treat the children since he is on vacation this week.

Well it was more than 117.00 but still not to bad for a family of 10.

I will try to post our weeks menu with this food to give you an idea what I can make for our large hungry family!

God Bless, Kathy

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Martha said...

I've only recently started shopping at Aldis and it has saved me so much money! I'm thankful for this store and CVS and all those who take time to share the deals that can be had. Keep up the good work!