Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Home Made Sauce Fresh from the Garden!

Homemade Sauce fresh from the garden hmmm can you smell the aroma?

This is my frugal idea for this week.

Our garden has not done as well as I had hoped this year but the tomatoes sure are doing great!

This year my husband had bought a few tomato plants and some cherry tomato plants so we thought we would have enough to make salads and just enjoy.

Well shortly after my dad called and told us that he had some tomato plants for us and we now had 12 plants!

As you can guess we now have a lot of ripe tomatoes so it was time to do something with them!

Here is our sauce recipe!

First pick some ripe tomatoes, and wash them.

I than blanched them in boiling water for about 2-3 mins each until the skin began to peel away.

I removed them from the boiling water and placed them in some ice cold water to stop the cooking process.

I than proceeded to skin them and to cut into chunk size.

I placed them into a large pot to cook down.

(Note I did not remove the seeds but you could if you wanted too)

As this was simmering a little bit of foam began to form so I skimmed this off the top.

When the tomatoes were cooked down I added some other cans of tomato sauce that I had on hand and some paste.

I than added all of my spices. (oregano, salt, pepper, hot peppers) I also added some sugar I like our sauce sweet.

I let this simmer for a little while.

I now had my base sauce.

This past Sunday I cooked up some onions and ground beef. I added a little minced garlic and added some sauce to the pot. Yum this was so delicious over spaghetti!

Add some fresh bread or our pepperoni bread that we posted about here, and a salad and you have a very frugal meal that is absolutely delicious!

God Bless, Enjoy! Kathy


Rachelle(aka mamabear) said...


Looks so yummy !! We made homemade sauce as well. I use a food strainer to save time.

Just cut the tomatoes in forths, thru them in the strainer and I have the chrildren crank away!!

Then place in your pot add your spices. Simmer for a few hours, place in jars with lids, turn over and leave them.

They should seal for you. Great family fun! We tried your Pep. Bread Yummy!! We also made a bunch with mushrooms and black olives, we put some sauce in them too!!!
Ok now I am hungrey!

Rachelle @ Mamaslittlebears

Kathy and Rebecca said...

Thanks Rachelle,

I do have a large strainer too I just was to lazy to take it out and have to clean it up after, now that we have started school again.
I never seem to have to can any because we go through it so fast!
Praise the Lord for all of the tomatoes it helps feed a hungry family!
God Bless, Kathy

Jennifer said...

That looks great! I have 15 tomato plants planted and we are barely getting enough to eat every couple of days. I am depressed just thinking about it, I love tomatoes and figured I would have them coming out of my ears about now. If I ever get enough, I will try your sauce, it looks easy!

Nicole said...

Kathy, I just came over via your comment on my blog. Wow 8 children, I am in awe. You are a definate inspiration. I am going to do some reading today. Luckily I saw your sauce tip and I have been desperately looking for a decent one. Thanks


Hadias said...

I am salivating. I make my own sauce at home as well. I like being able to make it just the way that my family likes it. Great pictures.