Saturday, August 30, 2008

God's Protective Hand!

We had just bought this car 4 months ago to save money on gas. With a family of 10 the only thing that we had to drive around in was a large van so this was awful on gas as you could imagine.

Two Fridays ago I went grocery shopping with our 17 year old son Brandon and our 4 year old son Caleb.

I was so happy that we had managed to get shopping done early and we were heading home to enjoy the rest of our day and to prepare for company that we were going to have over that evening.

We had just finished grocery shopping and I remember that for some reason that day I chose to double check my sons car seat to make sure that it was secured really well.

As we were heading home a car struck the driver's side of our car and sent us spinning!
Our four year old was screaming as his door was hit the hardest.

By God's grace no one was in front of us and no one was coming behind us. This truly was Gods grace.

This street has been so busy lately due to construction and the building of a new Target and Lowes.

When we finally stopped and I saw us pointing now in the wrong direction I became panicked all I could think of was getting out off the road before someone else came down the street and possibly hitting us again.

I pulled the car into the gas station that was right where we were. The car was a mess and it didn't move to easily but by Gods grace I was able to get us out of harms way.

The elderly gentleman continued on his way to the pump to gas. My oldest son could not believe this.

A police officer was near the construction and came right over to see if we were ok. He called the gentleman back over to us to wait for another police officer to come.

By this time I realized what had happened and it began to sink in. My heart just sank when I knew that the new little car (new to us) was hit.

My oldest son was wonderful taking care of me and my youngest son. He called 911 and called my husband. He even went into the gas station and bought some candy for our little one to calm him down.

God is so good He was always in control and took care of us all. I did hurt my neck and back which I am getting care for and our other two sons were not injured.

Our car was totaled which really saddened us. I had to remind myself that everything we own is Gods so I have to trust God for all of his decisions.

I once heard a preacher preaching a sermon and he mentioned that his vehicle had been in an accident and he just prayed and said ,"Lord you are not taking very good care of your car."

God does own everything that we have here on this earth and I just thought of that sermon and had to remind myself of this truth! God does own everything and I need to just trust him for meeting all of our needs!

This is something I often find myself forgetting but I do desire to trust and obey his will for my life.

The funny side of this , if there could be one is that when my husband opened the trunk to retrieve our groceries a gallon of milk was crushed and was pouring out all over the place.

When we went to retrieve all of the rest of the items from the car it smelled so bad that I do not think anyone could have removed that stench.

I am so thankful that we have a God who cares for us and is always watching over us!

We are now praying and looking for another car.

Praise the Lord for his Goodness!

God Bless, Kathy

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