Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"A Day in Space"

I LOVE the violin!
I always wanted a violin when I was a little girl but my parents wanted me to do piano first. I did take piano for a little bit, but I still loved the violin! I would listen to a music tape of violins over and over! I loved the sound and the look. A violin just sings! I think it is the most beautiful instrument that God had man invent!

Well, in the fall of 2007 I finally received a violin from my parents!!!!!
I was sooooo excited! I loved the deep tones, and the high soft ones. I quickly fell in love with the feel of the wood and the smell of the rosin on the bow. The violin felt natural in my hands and my fingers seemed to know just what to do.

There was just one problem, I would have to teach myself!
We didn't know anyone who could teach me.

I wasn't very concerned though! I was pretty sure that I could teach myself, maybe.

So, I began to practice, I had a ''beginners Violin'' book, along with a cd to demonstrate the sounds of each song.
I practiced.
But I came to a song after a while that I just couldn't get.

Well, it is now almost fall 2008
And something wonderful happened!

A few weeks ago my church had a Band Camp, for voice and instrumentals.
The orchestral suite was "A Day in Space". My brother, Collin played the trumpet so he was going. I wondered if I should go for the choir.
I talked to my mom, and soon came to the conclusion that I would take my violin and just "see what happens"

So, I went the first day, and tried to play along, but became very frustrated. The song was centered on the notes I had the most trouble with! I considered just doing choir instead. But God prompted me to keep going and stick with the orchestra.

There were 2 other young ladies playing violins, both had lessons for 6+ years. They soon became my "little angels"! both were 5 yrs younger then I.
These 2 "angels" were sent by God!!!

These 2 young ladies went through the different movements in the songs with me, showing me how to properly hold my bow, and position my fingers. When they could have been practicing they were helping me! They were truly treasures! I quickly made progress. Both of my "little angels" couldn't believe how well I was doing. I told them that they were my first teachers, and good ones too!

I wasn't sure if I was going to play in the concert.
I couldn't play the entire piece. But some parts I picked up on very well. My mother and the girls encourage me to play my violin, so I did!

(my brother, Collin, is right behind me playing his trumpet)

The day of the concert came and I was nervous. Through God's infinite Grace I was able to perform in the concert!! I know He guided my hands!

After the concert I told the orchestra director that I had never had a lesson.
He was very surprised!

God is so Good,


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