Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Having Fun with My Children!

Today is such a beautiful day here in the North East! God is really blessing us!

It is August and in the 70's! Praise the Lord!

Turn off the air conditioning and lets go out and have some fun! Ok we have been trying to live with out the air conditioning as much as possible to keep the electric bill down so this wonderful weather just makes it that much sweeter!

The Lord has been working in my heart a lot lately to slow down my pace and to just enjoy my children more! They grow up so fast! I already have a daughter who is 19 years old and I just see the time flying by so quickly!

I have to confess I really have a hard time with this! All I seem to think about is all of the work that needs to be done. I turn around and there is another mess to clean or more laundry to wash. The list is never ending.

The Lord just gently reminds me that this will not really have any eternal value some day.

My time spent better with my children will. I really struggle with just stopping and going out side to play with the children. Today though I did just that and it was wonderful! So many times the children ask me to come and play.

Soon our school days will begin again and we will busy trying to get all of the work done.
It is my hope and prayer that the Lord will help me to slow down and to enjoy the simpler things because my children are growing so quickly and before I know it they will be gone and married and I will wish again for those piles of laundry, the toys on the floor and the little dirty knees to wash.

May God help us all to remember to just stop some times and enjoy the simple things in life that he has blessed us with!
God Bless, Kathy

Who Can resist this face!

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