Monday, September 8, 2008

More of "The Wild Side of Gardening!"

Gardening on The Wild Side
part II

The picture below is of a Cicada, that has just shed it's larval skin.
We find their discarded skins all about our yard, and the little ones actually enjoying seeing how many they can find.

You are probably wondering why in the world we would do that!
Well, their little skins are absolutely amazing! It is a perfect "replica" of the living creature, every claw, wing impression and hair is preserved on the discarded skin.
The little ones love to hunt for them and find out who has the "best one."

Now we rarely find a real live one, these 2 little guys above had just come out of their skins. And we were ecstatic to find them!

This one we found hanging onto some clothes on our clothesline!
They are really calm, and "friendly" but they seem to fly so clumsily!
This one took off of my hand and bumped into a window twice before smacking into a tree! Then he just flew off, and left my little brother and I laughing!

This video is of my younger brother and a "find"

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