Monday, September 15, 2008

Bible Club sure is Fun!

This past summer we had a CEF 5-day club at our house.
My Brothers (Brandon and Collin) and I scoured our neighborhood, knocking on doors and inviting kids to come.

We received varied responses.
Some wives said yes, but their husbands said "no" flat out.
Some said they would come and never showed up.
Some were interested till they heard the word "Bible" then they wanted nothing to do with us.
Some told us they had nothing to do with "religion"or the Bible.
Others "didn't believe that kind of stuff."

We were chased by 3 dogs.
Told to "go away" quite loudly.
And one person swore while we were there because his dog got outside.

It was quite discouraging.

BUT. . .
We Had 3 different families respond and bring their kids!

Isn't God good?

We had a team of 5 girls teach our club. They did a great Job!

These 4 girls taught

This young Lady was the Team's Leader
(My sister is in her lap)

This boy is our next door neighbor, I was able to lead him to the Lord in July of 2007. His twin brother accepted Christ a month later at a VBS.

This is a Picture of me, The girl in front of me is my sister, and the one next to me is a neighbor.

This is the neighbor girl's big sister, and of course my little sister!

I love this song!

The Kids were enthusiastic!

I love this pic of my little sister telling her little Brother to "SHHHHH!"

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