Thursday, September 25, 2008

Frugal Friday Make your own cards for free!

Make your Own Handmade Cards!

What do you do with all those cards once the holidays/birthdays are done and gone?
If you were like anyone else, you would probably just throw them a way after a while.
But. . .Did you know that cards are wonderful to use to remake FREE cards that are unique?!

So, keep all those cards!
You can make more cards, or bookmarks too!

I also use paper design sheets that someone gave me.
Other things to collect are magazine pictures that are really nice, and any other odd or end.

My mother had a birthday recently and I was able to make her a very nice card.
I used card stock, textured papers, and even some dried lilac leaves!

The "Happy Birthday" came from a Birthday card I had received. I tore it off the card to give it a nice look.

This design could be for birthday or anniversary.
The word "love" was printed on Card Stock off my computer.
I printed a whole sheet of inspirational words.

These last are for a Mother's day/or Birthday design.

My homemade cards are very special to all those who receive them.
I enjoy making them.

God Bless!


(I hope you give this a try!)

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1 comment:

Kate said...

Those cards are beautiful. This is such a great idea. My 9 year old would stay busy for hours working on these. Thanks so much for the idea!