Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lord, Teach Me!

I Love Sunday school!

Yes, even at the age of 19 I really do love Sunday school!
I had been attending the "College and Career" Sunday school class for almost a year
(although I currently am not in college nor have a "career" it is my age group, . . . well, they had to put me somewhere!! :)

Anyways, I was really enjoying the class, then summer came. Since our church has a college, many students were gone. Then my Pastor announced a summer Sunday school class for all couples, married or engaged.

So my parents who both teach/help in Sunday school went to that class. (And they REALLY enjoyed it!)
What was left of my Sunday school Class became Sunday school Teachers/helpers!

I was asked to help in the Pastor's wife's class. My mother was originally the helper.
The pastor's wife teaches 1&2 grade.
I was very excited, God had given me a small summer ministry! I was also able to teach the class a few times as a substitute teacher.
As Much as I enjoyed helping I did look forward to returning to my Sunday School Class as the teacher taught wonderful lessons.

10 weeks later The couples' class ended.

The Pastor's wife needed surgery. She would be unable to walk for6 weeks.
So I stayed in the class with my Mother as the teacher.

This past Sunday was the 6th week.
I was really excited to go back to my class in just a week.

But, I found out, I might be needed to help teach a little bit longer.

I was tempted to be upset. I talked to my Dad about it.
He said that he understood, and that he thought I should stay on because I would be impacting these kids lives for eternity.

I suddenly realized how foolish I was being! Here God was giving me an opportunity to serve, the very thing I had been praying for! And now I was pouting?
I asked God to forgive me.

I sometimes wonder how many opportunities God has given me that I have rejected and then lost those precious opportunities!

I have a rock in my room.

I bought it at a homeschooling convention for $3
When we got home My Dad got out his hammer and a wedge and gave the rock a few hard taps
And viol`a The rock broke in half revealing the beautiful crystals of this geode inside it.

The rock had to break to reveal the beauty inside.

This rock is very, very special to me.

Just like the rock, I too have to be "broken" to let the beauty out.
I have my own ideas, plans and ambitions, and sometimes will not listen to God's will.
I have to constantly hand my will over to God.

Just like my dad broke the geode for me, so God has to "break" me so that He can use me!

God has taught me alot, and I still have so much more to learn!

God Bless~ Rebecca


Kathy and Rebecca said...

Very Lovely Post Rebecca! May the Lord continue to work in your heart and life Love Mom.
P.S. I have really enjoyed serving the Lord with your these past few weeks!

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

What an honor to be able to be asked to teach the children! I'm sure you'll do very well with them.
This coming Sunday will be my last Sunday teaching my K5 boys. :(