Thursday, June 26, 2008

Meet Caleb

Meet Caleb. He is a 3 (soon to be 4) yr old little boy. Blessed with an incredibly innocent face and a "Melt-your-heart" smile. My Mom refers to him as "Little Mr. Edison" Why?

Our Little Caleb is a curious boy.

Did you know that as a child Thomas Edison burnt down his father's barn due to one of his "experiments."

Little Thomas Edison was a curious boy.

Thankfully, our little curious boy hasn't burnt down a barn or house, however. . . .

I remember when my father found red acrylic paint on our basement floor. The Suspect had fled. However, we quickly found the culprit, red handed.

Our little "Edison" was truly caught red handed.

At least it was washable paint!

This one was very "fun!"
Our Sweet little boy dumped an entire can of black pepper on the table! And right before dinner!

Although we scrubbed and scrubbed, our meal was still spicy.

This was 1 year ago, however Caleb still dumps black pepper on his dinner every once in a while.

This actually took place a few days ago. I was making chocolate chip muffins for lunch, when Caleb walked up with a big smile, and a chocolate mustache!

He had apparently stolen several chocolate chips while I had my back turned!

Ever curious, my sweet little brother!

This is a vacuum.

However he turned it into a race car while daddy was trying to fix it!

No matter how curious, no matter how many messes he makes, Caleb is priceless! He's always got a great big smile!

He is soooooo CUTE!

He is a treasure from God.

I'm proud to call him my brother, and my little buddy.

He had a bib when he was an infant that said, "With this Smile I can get away with anything" Not quite true, but perhaps close!

I love you little Brother!

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