Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Losing Weight Part 3

In this post I thought I would mention a great site that I found Spark recipe.

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This site can be a great help in our quest to eat healthier and to lose some weight.

Having a family of ten and trying to save money we end up cooking most of our food from scratch. So how do I figure out the calories, fat, fiber in my recipes.

Most recipes do not have this information :)

At Spark Recipe you can enter all of the ingredients and enter the serving size and it will give you the information for your recipe.

They also have over 131,000 recipes to chose from that are lower in fat and calories.

This site has been a great help to us. My homemade bread that we make from whole wheat grain is pretty high in calories. So for now I am eating some wheat bread from the store that is light.

I know that I am getting more nutrition from the whole wheat bread that I am making, but I thought for a while I would try to reduce my calories to help me lose weight.

So far I have lost 8 pounds. This is quite exciting. It has taken me a while but I feel good and hopefully I will continue to lose.

The most important thing though that I need to do to lose weight I feel is trusting the Lord to help me to continue to eat right.

Praise the Lord for all of his love for us.

God Bless, Kathy

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