Wednesday, February 4, 2009

History comes Alive!

Many people have dreamed of traveling back in time.
Books have been written, films produced, documentaries recorded about such an event as time travel. It seems an impossibility, doesn't it?

However, I know of a time Machine that exists in nearly every town: The local Library.
Reading historical fiction is my "little time machine", and it makes History come alive!
The library has so many little time machines!

Up until five years ago I didn't like history that much, it was "ok"
but not fascinating or captivating- I thought it was just a bunch of boring facts and dates.
I never thought that history could be interesting at all.

Then, one day I was in our local public library and came upon a book,
It was called "Voyage on the Great Titanic" and it was from the "Dear America" series. I liked the cover painting, and so I thought I would read it.

When I finished the small book a week later, I was hooked. This fictional diary was amazing! I felt like the girl "Margaret" was writing to me about her adventurous disaster on the Titanic. I even enjoyed the true facts and photos in the back! History from a girl's point of view who was about the same age as I was captivated me!

I went back to the library
and found a few more.

History was suddenly coming to
life right before me! I began to
check biographies and other books about the time periods of the diary I was currently reading.

Then I found another book,

I had heard about the Great Queen Elizabeth I, and since the Royal Diaries were from the same writers of Dear America I thought I'd give it a try.

Once again, I was captivated! And the best part was that these Royal diaries were about real girls, who lived and affected history. I looked for more, and found some!

These books were great!

But I kept coming back to the Elizabeth one, I read it over and over. I was so fascinated by the Tudor house, that I got out a whole bagful of books about her and her notorious father, King Henry VIII.

My Mother looked at a few of my books, and then we saw a documentary/film about the Tudors. Since that time my Mother and I have been studying the Tudor house. We have grown closer together, and have fun reading books, or watching films about this famous family.


There are so many stories out there, waiting to be read! If you have a child who is bored to death of history, try Historical fictions.

There are so many books out there that are historical fictions, and non- fictions that take dry boring facts and make them come to life! Most of these can be found at the local library.
God Bless, Rebecca.

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