Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our Anniversary

May 10th is not only Mother's day, but also our anniversary!

Douglas and I have been married for 23 wonderful and exciting years.
I thought you would all enjoy a "portrait" of the past 23 years.

Douglas and I were married on May 10th 1986.
Even though we were both unsaved at the time it is amazing and wonderful how the Lord brought us together.

Our first anniversary!

I love you!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of the pictures!


TABB's MOMMA said...

Really happy to hear your husband has found work.Will pray that it will become permanent.

We have a man who has come to attend Bible school at our church (he has a wife and daughter). He found work through a temporary agency, and they are working hard to make him a permanent employee. We are really excited for them. They left Texas, sold everything and came on faith to attend Bible School. It has been a thrill to watch GOD provide for them!

Really happy for you!!


TABB's MOMMA said...

What a blessing for the OT!! We have daughter 20yo. We had no insurance when I was pregnant with her, I am an insulin diabetic. We owed over $21,000 when she was born. At that time, the Space Center had a hiring freeze going on. But God worked it out that my husband came in contact with someone who knew of one of 2 positions that had been approve to be filled. My husband got one of those jobs. He worked 18-20 hours of OT in addition to the normal 40 week for nearly 2 years. It paid what we owed on our daughter, put back some savings we had used up, and has turned into a job where he was able to move to a higher paying job. We were quite undeserving, but still to this day, thankful for GOD's working in ways we never could have! It has been quite a thrill. God amazes me on a daily basis...and I am so thankful for that!

I know lots of OT can be hard at times, but how wonderful that is part of the plan now!

The space program is changing here. There have been layoffs for the last several months now. My husband is not looking at being layed off. His job will go with whatever the new 'program' will be. He has had a lot less OT this year. But we are thankful the JOB is still there!

Well, Nice chatting with you. Again, just so happy to hear your husband is working! I have gotta get back to schooling Bear.

Friend in Florida,