Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Trip to the Zoo!

G'day mate!

This past weekend we went to a Zoo!

We had a lot of fun!
We saw many animals, and had a great day just having fun as a family!
I'll post a few pics and a SmileBox!

It did look like rain all day long, but God was good and allthough cloudy we did not see a single drop of rain till we were in the van for our long trip home!

Riding Sher-Kahn!

We liked this little guy, he was so cute!

My Hero!

Yes, I know, I'm sooo pretty. Don't you think?

Whoa Bessie! That's the biggest cow I ever did see!

I'm so blue, but not 'cause I'm sad, but if you touch me you will be sad!

That's no pussycat!
A very large tiger growls at the smaller tigers in the next cage.

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