Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hmmm, now what?

Well, something very interesting happened just the other day!
Actually, interesting things happen all the time over here, but. . . this was a bit unusual.
I had just popped some popcorn in our microwave, after I had taken it out and put it in a bowl I set it on the table.
I was just about to leave the kitchen, when I heard a heavy "thunk" sound, almost metallic.

I thought for a moment.....

"Oh, no, that can't be what just happened!!!!!!!"

Sure enough I opened the microwave, and well...

...Yes, the microwave's glass plate had cracked in two pieces.

When we took the glass out it was extremely hot in the center.
We are not quiet sure what happened to cause it to just crack on it's own like that.
Thank goodness it didn't shatter!

Well, now we need to replace it.

In a family of ten, a microwave oven is Very Important!

Anything like this ever happen to you?


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